Boxes Everywhere

Hey everyone,

It’s been an extremely busy weekend for the Lebron. Myself personally, went from opening packages at work to packaging up items to home. When glitter shaker orders come in (and the shakers too), there’s a lot of work involved. With the help of Ash’s sister and step mother, we managed to get all the orders before Monday packaged and ready to go.

Totes enjoyed napping on the bubble wrap but not being under it.

By the way, if you are a part of Cuppa’s Supply and need some more shakers for your glitter, I believe the form is still open. You may, however, have to play the full price of $1 again, as the sale price only lasted until Monday. If you are not a member of the Supply page, why not? Go join!

Have something you think the Supply store should carry? Leave it in the comments!

Banning Glitter?

Has anyone seen this news story from almost two years ago?

Why Scientists Think Banning Glitter Is A Good Idea

I used to be concerned about the plastics from six-packs being the end of Nemo and his friends, but apparently glitter is terrorizing the environment as well.

I made a joke about creating eco-friendly glitter the other day a guess what? They are and have already developed some bio-degradable glitter. Not sure if all your favorite shades are available, but it’s a start, right?

Can you imagine a world where glitter is actually banned? How many of you would resort to smuggling glitter to keep making cups?

Retro Gaming Thursday

I mentioned the other day that I was a 90s kid and what was one of the most popular games of that decade?

Sonic the Hedgehog of course. Y’all thought I was going to say Mario, weren’t you?

The image is from the original game- Sonic is owned by Sega, unfortunately not me.

Sonic was my game. I was a master at collecting Chaos Emeralds and transforming in Super Sonic (and dying a lot because he was way too fast). The great thing about Sonic is that Xbox keeps releasing Sonic game collection so you can relive the fun and frustrating old school games.

If you have the Xbox Game Pass or catch it when it’s $1 for a month or $10 for three, you can play either Sonic CD or Sonic & Knuckles.

If you have any of the fancy consoles, like XB1, PS4, or the Switch, you can also enjoy this amazing new Sonic game that came out that upgrades levels from the old games.

I played a few hours into Sonic Mania Plus and it is everything I loved about the old games with a new twist to the levels and a fancy updated look. It’s so much more colorful- has anyone noticed how remasters make colors so much more vibrant? Can you imagine if they remastered the Lion King game for Sega- you’d be blind by the end of it.

But enough about my rant on colors. If you miss some old school Sonic, Sonic Mania Plus is a pretty great fix. And it’s only $30! That’s half of what you’ll pay for pretty much any other new game these days.

Which is your favorite Sonic game?

Kids Crafts Supposedly ANYONE can Make

As a gamer, I have pretty awesome hand-eye coordination. That, however, does not transfer over into creative skill. My wife designs fabric cups and I once took a Solo cup and drew a face on it. Because of this, I thought the easiest crafts to start off trying are crafts our daughter should be able to do.

So I Googled and one of the page titles jumped out at me. It claims kids crafts that ANYONE can do. I say challenge accepted.

I haven’t gone through the entire list, but I am definitely down for a short vlog series where the wife and I try to pull some of these off and determine if, indeed, anyone can do them. Give the list a look and comment on any you would think me with my -15 crafting skills can bomb spectacularly.

Extra Life

Last November, I finally had a chance to take part in Extra Life- a fundraiser in which gamers help raise money for children hospitals. My goal was $100 and the week of my 24-hour marathon, I was able to gain that and little more. I enjoyed participating and I was able to help a good cause.

If you have not heard of Extra Life, you can read the backstory about it here. If you are interested in helping out the cause by playing, signing up is easy.

The great thing about Extra Life is you don’t have to play on game day, you can pick when you want to run a marathon and raise money all-year round. If I streamed more, I would probably run mini-marathons throughout the year. Maybe next year.

For Game Day this year, so haven’t made a schedule. Any one have some gaming suggestions for my marathon in November?

Tomb Raider: Past vs. Present

1996 was an extremely different time. Internet was dial up and the coolest console I owned was a PlayStation One. Yeah, I thought there was no was games could top what they looked like two decades ago. Treasures like this one-

The original Tomb Raider was probably my absolute favorite game on the PS1. I had a memory card at first to save my game (a Tomb Raider one actually) until it died on me and I had to do what I did in the past with my Sega and Nintendo games, play it from the beginning again and again. I never realized back then that I got pretty far through the game that way.

That’s actually how my sisters and I had to play games for a long time. Imagine playing Final Fantasy VII without being able to save your progress. I think the farthest we got wasaybe halfway through the first disc.

Twenty years has changed a lot, especially video games. Tomb Raider has gone from that blocky chick up at the top of the post to the video linked below. There is so much realness in the graphics and movements in video games now that it’s sometimes like watching a live-action movie you can interact with.

It stuns me to see how just one series of games has evolved in time.

(Note: the actual video is 15 Minutes long and includes both cutscenes and gameplay that flow pretty seamlessly. Can’t wait to play this one when it comes out!)

First 15 Minutes of Shadow of the Tom Raider – IGN