Wine Glass Crafting Fail

So, the wife and I tried to customize a couple of stainless steel wine glasses with fabric. Hers turned out pretty great and mine… not so much. If you haven’t seen the video, it’s up in the main Cuppa page- Cuppa Cuppa Cups and More. If you are not a remember, you may have to request to join the group. Next time we do a live together, I will make sure to record it on a secondary device of some sort or on YouTube so it is easier to share to the blog.

Just want to give some more insight to the video. I cannot do crafts because I try to be a perfectionist right off the bat, so it often leaves me with a lot of frustration early on and my crafty ventures never get to far. I am also super competitive, especially with my wife, so it is hard for me to not be good at something and she’s over there making it look easy. But, even with those little frustrations, I had fun and it was a great time.

Also, there’s some language in there that might not be appropriate for all ages, so keep that in mind when you watch the video.

Here’s the link.


Need Some Supplies for Crafting?

Have a horrible addiction to glitter but nothing to put your million bags of the stuff to put it in? Need something to help get that vinyl on a surface perfectly?

If you haven’t joined Kreative Storm Supply yet, you might not have found a solution to those problems. With the house selling, the supplies business of Cuppa’s is only been focused on a couple of items, but once we ramp back up, we will be offering crafting supplies and crafting-related items at a super low price.

What if we don’t have the best price?

We’ll send you to the places where you’ll get the best deal.

Right now, Kreative Storm Supplies is still considered a buy-in business, but in the future (hopefully in the next couple of months), we plan to start to convert to a RTS (ready to ship).

Leave some comments below of stuff you would like to see the supply store carry!

Crafting Deals of the Week

Need some more crafting supplies? You’re in luck this week. Both Michael’s and Joann have some pretty sweet deals.

Need a circle cutter to make fabric bottoms for cups? Michael’s carries the Olfa cutter you need to do the job. And right now is a great time to buy it half off.

But wait, it gets better!

Joann has some pretty awesome coupons as well.

Coupons for fabric, items, and Cricut tools. Ash does not use a Cricut machine but she uses the Cricut brand mat for cutting vinyl.

Take advantages of these coupons and any other deals this week. If you have a good find, leave it in the comments. Both stores often run some good sales.

Boxes Everywhere

Hey everyone,

It’s been an extremely busy weekend for the Lebron. Myself personally, went from opening packages at work to packaging up items to home. When glitter shaker orders come in (and the shakers too), there’s a lot of work involved. With the help of Ash’s sister and step mother, we managed to get all the orders before Monday packaged and ready to go.

Totes enjoyed napping on the bubble wrap but not being under it.

By the way, if you are a part of Cuppa’s Supply and need some more shakers for your glitter, I believe the form is still open. You may, however, have to play the full price of $1 again, as the sale price only lasted until Monday. If you are not a member of the Supply page, why not? Go join!

Have something you think the Supply store should carry? Leave it in the comments!

Banning Glitter?

Has anyone seen this news story from almost two years ago?

Why Scientists Think Banning Glitter Is A Good Idea

I used to be concerned about the plastics from six-packs being the end of Nemo and his friends, but apparently glitter is terrorizing the environment as well.

I made a joke about creating eco-friendly glitter the other day a guess what? They are and have already developed some bio-degradable glitter. Not sure if all your favorite shades are available, but it’s a start, right?

Can you imagine a world where glitter is actually banned? How many of you would resort to smuggling glitter to keep making cups?

Retro Gaming Thursday

I mentioned the other day that I was a 90s kid and what was one of the most popular games of that decade?

Sonic the Hedgehog of course. Y’all thought I was going to say Mario, weren’t you?

The image is from the original game- Sonic is owned by Sega, unfortunately not me.

Sonic was my game. I was a master at collecting Chaos Emeralds and transforming in Super Sonic (and dying a lot because he was way too fast). The great thing about Sonic is that Xbox keeps releasing Sonic game collection so you can relive the fun and frustrating old school games.

If you have the Xbox Game Pass or catch it when it’s $1 for a month or $10 for three, you can play either Sonic CD or Sonic & Knuckles.

If you have any of the fancy consoles, like XB1, PS4, or the Switch, you can also enjoy this amazing new Sonic game that came out that upgrades levels from the old games.

I played a few hours into Sonic Mania Plus and it is everything I loved about the old games with a new twist to the levels and a fancy updated look. It’s so much more colorful- has anyone noticed how remasters make colors so much more vibrant? Can you imagine if they remastered the Lion King game for Sega- you’d be blind by the end of it.

But enough about my rant on colors. If you miss some old school Sonic, Sonic Mania Plus is a pretty great fix. And it’s only $30! That’s half of what you’ll pay for pretty much any other new game these days.

Which is your favorite Sonic game?